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shunt co-founder David Rosenberg speaks about their latest show, The Architects

As shunt return with their controversial new show, we caught up with co-founder David Rosenberg  to tease out the insider scoop. On this rare occassion, David was given total carte blanche to run-riot with this interview, and although we remain full of intrigue - we feel that his highly candid answers bring us that much closer to understanding what it's all about. He reassures us the audience are not in any danger, at all. 'Crumbs!' you might exclaim. You're not far off - the clue is in the biscuits. We have one regret - if only we asked about the dolphin machine. For this #CollectiveInterview we invited four key people from the creative industries to pitch in with a short question. Each of them are followers of @ShuntEvents. Those four are: @LeslieDeere (Artist), @bigcox (BBC Radio Presenter, Comedian), @DimitriLaunder (Director), and @Holestar (Tranny, Popstar). They're identified properly below. shunt presents The Architects at The Biscuit Factory, running until 2 Feb 2013.

Question from @Run_Riot: How was the opening night?
David Rosenberg:
We were still cutting carpet and wallpapering 10 minutes before the doors opened - it was a complete frenzy. Two weeks to transform this enormous space - no one had slept for days. Everything went surprisingly well - but still loads of work to do. However in comparison to previous shunt opening nights this one was almost serene - in the past our first audiences have had to walk through wet cement and have gone home with smears of paint on their arses.
Question from @Run_Riot: What's your take on modern day heroism?
David Rosenberg:
There are no more heroes - they are all dead... They died through misadventure.
Question from @Run_Riot: Biscuits - what are they all about?
David Rosenberg:
A perfectly reasonable breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can survive on biscuits alone, as long as you vary them and even if you don't - Rich Tea will probably get you through 8 or 9 months. There is no proven need for warm food. In fact we would all probably be healthier on a strict biscuit-only diet.
Question from @Run_Riot: What advice would you offer the audience before they enter your production?
David Rosenberg:
Firstly - wear warm clothes. Secondly - be inquisitive. If you're claustrophobic, then alert a member of staff.
Question from @Run_Riot: What precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of the audience?
David Rosenberg:
Everyone is quite safe. Nothing will drop down from the ceiling, the chairs are all solid. You might get temporarily lost - but we will find you again - we haven't yet failed to find everyone.
Question from @LeslieDeere: How intrinsically linked is shunt as an event with the space it inhabits?
David Rosenberg:
We always take inspiration from the spaces in which we perform. In the past we have always run the venues in which we have inhabited and there has always been a wider artistic programme in addition to the shows. This time we are guests in the Biscuit Factory and will move out again at the beginning of February.

Question from @bigcox: What is your most magical moment in the theatre?
David Rosenberg:
Pina Bausch, always Pina Bausch - not a moment as such - but thousands of them.
Question from @DimitriLaunder: Does the need to create a 'cultural scene' influence your programming?
David Rosenberg:
We have never tried to create a scene - and we have no control over the various scenes that sprung up around us. As soon as this becomes an aspiration - then you have probably fucked it. It is like the marketing people who are now so concerned with 'authenticity' - which is all bollocks. You can't make authenticity.
Question from @Holestar: What Have You Done For Me Lately? Where Did Our Love Go? Are You Gonna Go My Way? When you going to book me?
David Rosenberg:
If you are the guy who works in the mini cab place at the end of my road - then I left my wallet in your car - keep it. If you are not then - we are, I think, still in love. Your way seems a bit out of my way. If you can do neat seams - then immediately.
Shunt: The Architects
Until 2 February
V22 workspace, The Biscuit Factory
Tickets from
Box Office (c/o National Theatre): 020 7452 3000

Answers by David Rosenberg, co-founder of shunt
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