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Review: Patrick Hussey on 'The Crack' at Udderbelly

A huge, inverted purple cow with a theatre inside is just a good thing. And for all those people who have been waiting for just such an appariton I say

1.) seek clinical help
2.) get down to the Southbank as there is one there RIGHT NOW.

The E4 Udderbelly series of comedy nights will be running from its bizarre home until 19th of July and the venue really is a delight. When I walked onto the astroturf 'grass' in the bar area out front I had a very odd sensation. It was like being on a tub of Ben and Jerry's. I doubt if any other site on Earth could provoke that noble feeling and when I noticed comedy luminaries Eddie Izzard and Richard Vranch wondering round the turf with pints in hand I thought yes I have found the comedy cow of my dreams.

The performance that night was 'The Crack' a selection of comic and variety perfomers herded (a ha!) together by the incomparable Miss Behave.

The worlds favourite female sword swallower and La Clique stalwart does have a unusual compère-ing technique. She barked loud instructions at the lighting engineer all the way through and on occasion invaded the stage to shift a stool three inches to the right. This only added to the sense of comedic desperation that was the flavour of the night.

Yes desperation. There was a distinct air of existentialism about every single performer. The man who could not do any of the tricks he tried, the ventriloquist who eventually became the prisoner of her own monkey dummy and so on. They were all interesting and suited my rather gloomy, cerebral taste. However I am aware that not everyone has a death fixation like mine, one that for me puts Sartre in the category of 'happy go lucky.'

So it may not have been udderly (a ha!) hilarious but it was compelling stuff. And if you fancy something lighter and more musical I would recommend seeing Camille O'Sullivan later in the run.

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