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REVIEW: Helen Black attends Tiestso in Victoria Park, E9

Rave like the 89-90's with Tiesto...

Tiesto Pendulum Victoria Park 2010 from Helen Marshall on Vimeo.

General Vibe:

An up for it but friendly crowd getting down to great music, with plentiful space to dance and move around and easy to get close to the acts.

Highlights: Main Stage/Pendulum

Live music from the chart topping beat machines. The best crowd reactions were for classics Tarantula, Run Riot’s favourite Fasten Your Seatbelts and recent single, Watercolour. After playing for much longer when supporting the Prodigy at MK Bowl the previous week, this set was way too short but perfectly executed.

Highlights: Main Stage/Tiesto

Mega fans like Gianni (pictured) will not have been left disappointed as the uber DJ pumped out classics like Silence and Adaggio for Strings for at least 2 hours. Drawing fans from all over the world to this one day event, it is no wonder that Tiesto has rented out his permanent home, as he is constantly globetrotting to work. He knows what people want to hear and gives it to them, mixing commercial, trancey sounds with a few, ravier surprises thrown in. As dusk turned to darkness the visuals worked well and this truly professional dance meister was on top form.

Highlights: Mixmag Arena/Eddie Halliwell

Big tunes! The tent was packed to capacity yet we still managed to make our way to the front for the end of his set, which reached a roaring, pyrotechnic crescendo. Run Riot came away with a signed flyer from the elated super DJ when his set closed, so he obviously loves his fans as much as they love him. In summary, our favourite set.

Highlights: House Rules Arena/David Griffiths

A stomping, funky selectio from the very sexy David Griffiths, who played to a tent full of characters, including Eyeball & friends (pictured). They say his music touches the soul in ways other Djs do not, “EVERY SINGLE TIME!” Run Riot has to agree with them: highly commended!

Highlights: Future Disco Arena/Dom Chung Interview

What was your personal highlight from the day?

Just having our brand Future Disco involved in something of that scale was the highlight for us. We've only been going for over a year and to see it come on so far makes it all worth while.

We saw you at the Garden Festival in Croatia last year. Have you been playing abroad again this year?

yeah I've been all over...south america, asia, europe -I was stuck in Dubai when the ash cloud hit. Its been constant travelling the last year and more and more of it now is to d Future Disco Parties which is all good! I was just back from Croatia again a few weeks ago which was great as ever, the boat party we did was party of the year so far without a doubt.

Are you a local man, what do you think of this festival location?

yeah I live in dalston so location was perfect for me. I love hackney.

What are your musical influences? Describe your sound.

for me theres two types of music - good and bad. it all depends on where and when Im playing and I like to think Im experienced enough to know what to play when...I guess musically my roots lie in underground house music but I just like building a groove and getting people going.

What are you doing and where are you playing next?

I'm off to ibiza this weekend to play at our Future Disco residency at Space Ibiza for Carl Cox.

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