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REVIEW: GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS! The House of Blueeyes LFW extravaganza, by Mary Meyer

"If you're gonna ride
Ride the white pony".

- Laid Back, The White Horse


Welcome to GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!, the House of Blueeyes London Fashion Week extravaganza and website launch, aboard Shoreditch's pole-dancing haven The White Horse. This is no ordinary sartorial journey; last night's ride was an antidote to fashion week. We were presented with the first taste of HOBE's latest collection for SS2011 "I, Goddess" through a Warholian salon esq presentation with models periodically taking to the pole to showcase their wares -  a selection of largely monochrome bespoke t-shirts feauturing particular choice parts of the human anatomy and ... lace.

The collection, which will be unveiled in full across the coming months, is underpinned by a sense of love and respect for the goddesses in our midst - women in the broadest sense of the word (female as adjective rather than noun). A number of editioned collectable t-shirts were also on sale at the pop up boutique in the back room and, unsurprisingly, there was an equal dedication to the flesh as well as garments. The Currant Bun heralded 'The Death of Fashion' after House of Blueeyes' second show at Beach Blanket Babylon just down the road a couple of years ago (a model walked nude save for a hat and some heels) but the House has always been about celebrating life, vitality and women, in particular.

You will not alight upon any memento moris here ... other than the knitted, scented penises in all manner of colours and sizes that were the star turn of the pop up shop!

"Say Yes to Love! Yes to freedom! Fashion is not about size or colour or seasons... Let's all shout Fuck it!"
- Johnny Blueeyes, The White Horse 19 September 2010


Mr Blueeyes himself was resplendent in an affirmation heavy white embroidered gown and took to the pole several times throughout the night in varying states of undress and underwent a costume change or two too. He ended the night in an all in one not-quite-see-through body suit. The other star turns on the pole were from the impossibly bendy Mr Dubois and Chiqui. The laws of nature were called into question more than once. Other highlights included "Goddess steel and her horses" which featured some most abrasive whip action and "Goddess bert and her bottom blushers" which saw some of the crowd come away with the souvenir of buttock wheels from Bert's third hand. Tunes from The Bang Bang Club and The Men Who Fell To Earth were the backdrop of the evening and injected contemporary electro pop ands 80s disco classics into the night.


House of Blueeyes may live by its own rules but the nods to up-cycling, which was at the heart of last season's "Revolution and Love" show, throughout the night - neon bows made from plastic bags decorated the walls and the models donned t-shirts that were newly bespoke rather than sewn from scratch - reflects an ethical awareness which is increasingly manifest in fashion. The Earth as Goddess perhaps?

I, Goddess. You, Goddess. We, Goddess. Or, as Claudius would say, Goddess this, that and the other!

"The dog days are over
The dog days are gone
Can you hear the horses because here they come"

- Florence and the Machine, The Dog Days are Over

Photography (C) Paula Harrowing


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