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Rebel Dining Society 'Pernod Absinthe Green Hour'

It was somewhat unwisely that I attended the Rebel Dining Society Absinthe special, 24 hours after having a wisdom tooth extracted and thus 24 hours since I had last eaten. After a delicious absinthe mojito, we were seated at the dining tables where yet more booze was provided- a knowledgeable host talking us through the proper absinthe/sugar/water ratio.So armed with our special absinthe spoons and fountains, we set to work.

The food was delicious, but for 'experimental' you should definitely read 'not much of it'. By the time the main course was served, we had been treated to the delights of the Roundhouse Experimental Choir, who were sadly largely drowned out by the sound of people who had drunk a lot of absinthe on largely empty stomachs.Not a great combo. Having said that, I sat next to some truly lovely people who managed to stay perfectly civil throughout their absinthe consumption, and got properly stuck into the interactive art. We bonded over the glue sharing and scissor passing as we created our flamboyant pigeons for the Nelson's Column in the centre of the room- such camaraderie I have not felt since the sticking sessions of nursery school. (I dressed my pigeon in Chanel, FYI )

The Absinthe chocolate truffle dessert was heavenly, as were the chocolates provided by Vintage Patisserie; whose lovely founder Angel was on hand with her team of fabulous hostesses.The only things missing were perhaps a few more carbs, so that by the end of the evening guests weren't seeing everything through quite the same blurry tint as this photo.

The next Rebel Dining Society dinner is on July 7th: