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Head to Bristol for a weekend of live art and performance

Image: 'WOODS' by Clarice Lima.

IBT Wildness is a new weekender of live art and performance produced by Bristol’s In Between Time founded by artist Helen Cole in 2001. In Between Time has been attracting audiences, artists and visitors to Bristol ever since from all over the UK and beyond and has now created its first-ever midsummer weekend programme.

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When the time comes for an artist to tap into a new identity, the fluidity of the human experience will always prove an unlimited resource.

Image of Valerie Renay

For the most versatile and tenacious performers, exploring the plethora of personalities, environments and mediums that make art such a connective and predictive platform is like secretly slipping into a new pair of shoes and skipping through a mortal kaleidoscope - seeing which intoxicating reflection you end up breaking them in first.

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Shifting perspectives with the Royal Albert Hall’s Equinox

Image: Lupini (Heavy Texture), performing at Equinox
Spring conjures thoughts of vitality and change - aspects of life many of us are craving more than ever right now.
As the challenges of the past few years feel as if they might finally be dissipating, there’s mental space for us to move on with our lives and enjoy socialising, creating and getting stuck back into the arts properly again, hopefully without any more interruptions.

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