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What is Dotpod? It’s a sigh in the dark, a nasty slice from the left side of glory and we know, we know you like it...

Actually It's DOTPOD 4, the alternative chat and music podcast from Run-Riot.com with your hosts Patrick and Emre. Featuring interviews with Vice editor Andy Capper and activist Tamsin Omond plus music from Gabby Young and The Crystal fighters. It's so good we're calling it ECO CRYSTAL VICE & YOUNG.

The Cast:

Featuring two cultural landscapers from different sides of the tracks:

Interview 1: ANDY CAPPER The notorious editor of Vice Uk in a revealing interview about war criminals, the gangsters that funded the early days and why he no longer keeps Thai acid in his desk draw. If you still think Vice is all about pictures of dicks dusted in coke then tune in. Things have moved on.

check out Andy's book, the story of an Iraqi heavy metal band

Heavy Metal in Baghdad

Interview 2: TAMSIN OMOND When Patrick went on tour with the all female activist group Climate Rush he didn't know what to expect. He found inspiration, he found action, he found lesbian tent sex. He also found himself dumping poo on Jeremy Clarkson's drive. Here their founder and high profile activist Tamsin Omond talks to us about the day she led her group of fearless Eco-zons into manure warfare with Top Gear's king.

BBC covers Clarkson vs Climate Rush

Special Guest Host

Chloe McCloskey: Chloe McCloskey is writer and editor based in East London. She is Managing Editor of the London edition of le cool, a free weekly cultural agenda and alternative city guide. In addition to le cool, Chloe contributes to a number of music and travel publications.

Your Hosts:

Patrick Hussey: Patrick is run-riot's editor. He is tender.

Emre Turkmen : Emre is an architect and contributor to Run-Riot. He writes all the music on the podcast.


And special musical type bands:

Crystal Fighters: The best live band in Britain. And they ruddy Love LDN.


Gabby Young: Tipped by the Guardian to be one of the breakthrough acts of 2010, she is sophisticated and all about 'Circus Swing'. Listen out for her debut single 'The Ones that Got Away'


Years and Years: We are running a competition for both our listeners to name the unnamed band. Except they've got a name now. Listen out for the track 'Iron Ship'


This Podcast of interviews and music is an encounter with underbellies, Clarkson and truth.

All theme music written, performed, produced by Emre Turkmen. 'I Love LDN' and 'The Ones that Got Away' written and reproduced respectively by permission of The Crystal Fighters and Gabby Young

thanks to Jasmine Pender (cello)


and Violetta Barrena (violin)


for playing on Iron Ship

'Love Hurts' and 'Heroes' and 'Gwendoline Riley' episodes available on i-tunes



Don't have i-tunes? Try this grandad:


Stalk us at: thedotpod@gmail.com

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