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Naomi's Style - May Tips

Pyjama frolics, Minxy missions, Pastie protest and a ‘Style off’ but is it? Plus all this months new talents condensed for your taste buds only.

A nasty cold welcomed my bank holiday, and indeed May, to a slow start. A lack of drinking ruled out Wine ‘Flu. I am popping Echinacea likes its gong out of fashion in preparation for a night out that will involve more pyjama action next weekend. An invite to The Black White Bird Vintage Pyjama Party Friday 8 May 2009, 7.00pm – 3.00am dropped into my inbox last week promising an evening of decadence and pillow fights. Located at 17th century country house hotel, Stoke Place in Buckinghamshire (not too far from London – like it!) carriages shall be departing from east, west and central London, to take you to a promised land of ballroom follies, séances and tease aplenty. I shall be donning my finest 40’s dressing gown and rollers, and heading straight for the tarot reader. I’m ashamed to say that there is too much to mention so check out ... for more info.

Years ago I met an undercover vintage vixen by the name of Lynch, Agent Lynch. Her mission was to take the burlesque world by storm by being the only 60’s burlesque dancer in the land. Put that in your cherry pie and eat it. Having performed all over the world, from Bristol to Bombay, and having developed a following most tassel girls would give their left pastie for, she is now recruiting a new SWAT team of teasers to join her in a “Secrets and Lace” mission. Learn her finely crafted art straight from the most original starlet on the a scene. Did out your slinkiest dress, your most sparkly dancing heels and the best pout and raised eyebrow you can muster! (no nudity is required ladies!) Agent Lynch's Secrets in Lace Burlesque Academy Saturday 23rd May 2pm: Cobden Club. All bookings must be made in advance to missions@agentlynch.com

Talking of pasties, have you heard the the lovely folk of Camden Council have banned burlesque from it’s boroughs’ venues on the grounds that constitutes ‘adult entertainment’. Boo hiss. A couple of clever ladies have decided to do something about this and are planning a pastie prostest this month. Having dabbled in these delights in my youth, I am fully behind these gals. My sources tell me the protest will be going ahead in 3 weeks time, marching through the whole of Camden Borough, stopping traffic in pasties, pants and heels. There will be a choral, choreographed tease routine also. The route of the march has not yet been finalised, but they have a 600 strong "army" of burlesque dancers, cabaret artists, and supporters who will march with them. Modern Artist will be showcasing their work and documentary makers will be filming the event. Not just a protest but almost like a "festival" of creative talent in the borough, standing up as one. Ooo la la. Keep up to date with developments here. Pastie Protest!

Gentlemen (and I hope you do read this) do you prefer blondes or brunettes? Who cares, have both. Marilyn and Audrey vie for your attention at the new Proud Central exhibition of exclusive, never seen before Sam Shaw shots. The exhibition has been specially put together for Proud Galleries by the Shaw Family Archives and will not be able to be viewed anywhere else after its time. Apparently Audrey is 80 this month so let them fight it out I say. Wonder if they attended the opening night….. Proud Central, 32 John Adam Street, London. Exhibition runs from: 30th April 2009 to 26th July 2009

Over at its boozier sister venue Proud Camden, things are decidedly less dignified (quell surprise with Mr Proud at the Helm) News reaches me of a fashion-off a brewing. House of Diehls Style wars brings 8 top designers head to head in fast fashion battles, live on stage Judged by celebrities and the crowd. Presented by MAC, it’s marketed as an ‘old-school MC Battle, with one crucial difference: they spit out rhymes where these guys spit out style’... expect bitch slaps, and pout offs. Special guest DJ and a Vespa give away incase you need to make a speedy exit. Wednesday 27th May , Proud Camden, Chalk Farm Road, The Stables Market, Doors open 7.30. Battles start 9pm. £10

Style snippets favourite Catherine AD is playing little secret warm up show for The Great Escape next Tuesday evening (12th May) for Huw Stephens' BBC INTRODUCING at The Social, Little Portland Street in London at 8.45pm Free

This month snippets recommends:

Nick George

Photography good enough to make you cry. Nick has recently shot for Super Super and lives above a butchers in Ridley Road Market.

Atsuko Kudo

I had the joy of going to Ako’s shop a couple of time in last week to try on one of her superb latex dresses. Cut like couture and hand made they fit like a (rubber) glove they come with a range of wonderful accessories such as chokers and fingerless gloves. Keep your eyes peeled for the all new and improved website

Zoe Kendall

This CSM grad & Coutts New Jeweller Award Winner's distinct collections stand apart from the majority, creating new concepts of desirability. Zoe recently brought some of her jewellery creations to Vintage Secret HQ. Oh how we dribbled.

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