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LAUNCH – Alpha-ville 2010, London’s International Festival of Digital Art & Culture

Alpha-ville 2010 Teaser from Alpha Ville on Vimeo.

Alpha-ville 2010, a two day international festival of digital arts & culture, announces its theme for this year is Visionary Cities. Run Riot is delighted to be a Media Partner to the Festival.

Official link: http://www.alphavillefestival.co.uk

Day 1- Friday 17th September @ The Whitechapel Gallery

Day 2- Saturday 18th September @ The Rich Mix Alpha-ville, London's new organisation dedicated to digital arts and culture.

The Festival, in partnership with the Whitechapel Gallery and Rich Mix Cultural Foundation, will fill two days with groundbreaking live music and visual performances including advanced electronic music, live cinema, interactive media installations, 3D visual performances, a moving image competition and a screening programme. Now in its second year, Alpha-ville presents a strong curatorial programme focusing on increasing the exposure of quality digital arts within an interdisciplinary context.

Under the theme Visionary Cities, Alpha-ville 2010 aims to break the boundaries of traditional disciplines, fostering new collaborations that use innovation and creativity to develop unique experiences. Highlights of the programme include a rare live appearance by IDM pioneer Bola (aka Darrell Fitton), a special live set by internationally recognised electronic sound artist Scanner , an exquisite portrait of contemporary and up and coming electronic music artists such us modern classical duo the Boats and hyperdub’s talent Subeena .

The Festival will also showcase ‘live cinema’ performances - the latest trend in audio-visual art - including a 3D commission by Alpha-ville that brings together Pixel, a pioneer electronic music composer from the German label Raster Noton and Graphset, Alpha-ville’s visual creator.

Carmen Salas, creative director of Alpha-ville said: "Alpha-ville 2010 invites the public to see the city and society of tomorrow through the eyes of pioneering digital artists who have made use of the latest technology to explore social, emotional and environmental issues. Our cities are continuously developing, growing and interconnecting, controlled by the demands of the 21st century metropolis. New technologies are transforming human relations and the built environment and there are increasing concerns for the future of urban spaces and society. The 2010 festival will provide a space for reflection on this theme."

In close collaboration with the pioneer contemporary institution the Whitechapel Gallery, the Festival brings together two east London venues, taking digital art to the core of contemporary art to create a dialogue between a leading cultural institution and Rich Mix, its neighbouring up-and-coming arts centre. Alpha-ville Festival will create a virtual itinerary for the public by using the latest social media applications, such as Foursquare.

Rebecca Page, curator of Late Nights at the Whitechapel Gallery said: “As part of the Whitechapel Gallery’s Late Nights programme, that aims to provide a platform for emerging talent, we also recognise the need to promote areas of the performing arts that can be neglected by other art institutions. Digital Arts is one such genre, and we are really proud to be working with Alpha-ville on this project to create a moment for an international selection of leading digital artists to be seen and heard.”

Mark Amerika, artist and pioneer in New Media Art, named a Time Magazine 100 Innovator said: "The passion of a cultural underground is alive and well in live audiovisual festivals such as Cimatics in Brussels and Sonar in Barcelona. Now London has a digital art and performance festival that it can proudly call its own. This festival is Alpha-ville -- a Central Collaboration Zone for the next generation of digital artists to converge."


Alpha-ville Festival 17 & 18 September



Access all activities from day 1 and day 2 Price: £32 in advance / £36 on the door


Access all shows @ Whitechapel Gallery Price: £18 in advance / £20 on the door:

Live Electronic Music

Interactive Space


Talk by Nic Clear & Screening Access to the showcase only

Price: £8 / £6 Cons.

DAY 2 PASS Access all shows at @ Rich Mix

Price: £18 in advance / £20 on the door

About Alpha-ville

The Alpha-ville organisation was set up in 2009 in response to a gap in the London's cultural scene for innovative events that promote and support the development of high quality digital arts and culture. The annual festival is a new pioneer platform for creativity, inspiration and forward thinking, acting as a center stage for important trends and new visions within digital arts, design and culture. The festival offers a unique opportunity for artists to create, collaborate and growth through the conception of new projects in an international and enriching environment. It also provides excellent networking opportunities for professionals, artists, students, creative business and “followers” of the digital culture.

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