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INTERVIEW: Katie Antoniou talks to Josh Weller about making music and being Funny.


For someone who's yet to release an album, Josh Weller is already remarkably well known; though some people may be more familiar with his anarchic wit, his famous ex or his excellent hair than they are his music. He has, however, had members of the Noisettes and mumford and Sons play on his releases, and he's toured and played with The Maccabees, Florence and the Machine, the XX and Paloma Faith.

His latest offering Swan Dive is all old- fashioned subtlety, a far cry from his twitter persona. How long will we be taunted with this sort of taster for Josh's talent? We tried to find out more about when we can expect an album, and who precisely Josh Weller is, but mostly we heard about who he currently fancies. Take note, ladies.


Katie Antoniou: Who is Josh Weller?

Josh Weller: I have no idea, I do know that while I write this it's a saturday night at 8pm, I'm in my dressing gown with no intention of going out. And I also frequently fail at getting an erection.

KA: When are we getting an album?

JW: I also have no idea. However, a free download just went up at

KA: You cite Chet Baker as one of your main influences; how did you get into jazz?

JW: Because I thought girls would find me more cultured and stuff.

KA: What's the last gig you went to?

JW: Jessie Ware at a place in Stockholm I can't remember the name of, I think it was called Berns - It would be really nice if Jessie Ware and Lianne La Havas would take turns at marrying me.


KA: How many instruments do you play and which is your favourite?

JW: I play drums, guitar, bass, percussion, I play the voice when I sing, and a bit of piano but I am terrible at pretty much all of them. I'm definitely not a naturally talented musician, anything good I've ever done I've either fluked or done by not stopping.

KA: How do you feel about fame? Is it weird when personal things like your love life are being discussed by people you've never met?

JW: If they knew what I was actually like as a boyfriend they'd make a face and then feel sorry for me.

KA: You say many Very Funny Things on twitter. Were you the class clown at school? Or is humour something you've consciously developed as a way of interacting with fans?

JW: I like Twitter because I can instantly road test the awful things in my head, and I'm always amazed when people don't get that every single thing I write on Twitter is a joke. Which kind of spurs you on to keep writing stupid things. I don't think I was the class clown at school, I think I said things which I thought were funny, but 90% of the time they were either ignored or offended people. Pretty much the same as my Twitter track record now I think about it.

KA: You did a brilliantly funny Christmas duet with Paloma Faith and Boy George guested with you at the Jazz Cafe, are there any other artists you'd like to perform or collaborate with?

JW: Chet Baker, but he's dead so that might not happen soon. I'd like to sing a Cole Porter song with Lianne La Havas, maybe that Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly duet from High Society. And I also have a fantasy in my head that one day The Descendents will ask me to play guitar with them.

KA: Female pop singers are always being asked about their style. But because you dress like you do and have excellent hair, I imagine you get asked about it a lot too? Does that bug you?

JW: I like to dress smartly because it makes me feel grown up and important, which is a really adolescent and immature thing to think. I also frequently see my reflection in a window and think 'Jesus, what the holy fuck are you wearing you look like a cunt', so whenever anyone asks me about my clothes I feel like what they're really saying is 'HEY, YOU LOOK LIKE YOURE TRYING TO MAKE UP FOR A LACK OF PERSONALITY WITH LAVISH CLOTHES'. Dressing smartly has this new modern phrase called 'peacocking', which is the idea that if you wear something strong that stands out, women will be drawn to you. But my experience tells me that dressing like a dick tends to actually repel the opposite sex.

KA: Lastly, Wikipedia says you're only 24. Tell me this isn't true?

JW: As of the 29th of January I will not be. Thanks for not getting me anything.


Catch Josh live on 3rd february here, and at the Bad Sex Valentine's Prom here.