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International cabaret man of mystery Reuben Kaye on new show Club Swizzle

Photo credits: David Levene

Reuben Kaye has dazzled London audiences on just about every cabaret stage the capital has to offer. He won Best Cabaret Show at the Adelaide Fringe last year (2017) and now he's working with the creators of globe trotting, multi-award winning La Soiree on a new project. Run-Riot caught up with this all singing, all dancing, rhinestone-coated, fabulously caustic wunderkind to find out more about Club Swizzle… and athletic men! Ah, as a delicious treat we're running a special offer for a few of the more risque, Late Saturday night shows (11 and 18 August). Details at the end of the interview.

Edward: Hey Reuben, you're an Australian. We're out of our depth here. How do you keep cool when the temperature outside keeps rising?
Make sure you’re poolside when the Argentinian Men’s Water Polo team is practicing... with a Martini in one hand and their coach in the other.

Edward: You've been in the UK for a while now. I think I first saw you on stage being lifted into the air on a winch while singing an act for the Wam Bam Club sometime around 2013 / 2014. When did you first come here and what attracted you to London?
The ability to be suspended above the air screaming my lungs out while getting paid. NEXT QUESTION!

Edward: How did the creators of Club Swizzle approach you? Had they seen you perform somewhere?
They found my number on a bathroom stall... To be quite frank I’m just waiting for them to realise that this is all a huge misunderstanding and I’m meant to be booked for something else - like, animal testing.

Edward: Club Swizzle sounds like a lot of fun. La Soiree's mad combination of cheeky slick cabaret and surreal colourfulness has played in London several times over the last few years. For audiences who have seen that show – what's new with Swizzle?
Literally Everything. The genius of this show is that it doesn’t step on La Soirée in any way. They’re sisters sure, but so were the Brontë's.

Edward: I'm excited to see it. Apparently a cocktail bar turns into a stage, performers appear from all around us, there's a live jazz band and other exciting visual treats. It opened at the Sydney Opera House – and now it's playing at the Roundhouse (until 26th August) – has the show had to be adapted to the different space?
Well the Roundhouse is the biggest space we’ve played so we’ve amped everything up to 11. More music, more acts, bigger set pieces and more boys!

Edward: Sydney Opera House and London's Roundhouse are pretty prestigious venues – money and feasibility no object, what would be your dream venue to take the show to?
The Olympic male gymnastics squad changing room... With an industrial tub of olive oil and no witnesses... Either that or an international tour of Jehovah’s Witness Halls. I think they need it.

Edward: There's a great cast in Club Swizzle, I've seen Laurie Hagen's infamous reverse strip tease and there are some fantastic acrobats and aerialists. How does the show bring it's collection of performers together to achieve it's unique twist?
You're asking me these questions as if I know the answers... All I know is the bar is open and so am I. And at about 20mins into show time I hope the rest of the cast shows up! (They normally do!)

Edward: Can we expect to see you back at Cafe de Paris any time soon? Any big plans for the rest of 2018? Or are you running away with Club Swizzle for the foreseeable future?
Club Swizzle has me for the summer and then I return to my great love Cafe De Paris and then... World Domination? TV? Bathing in a fountain in Regent’s Park? Selling my organs on the black market? Who knows!?

Reuben Kaye

Club Swizzle
at the Roundhouse
now until 26 August
Info and tickets: roundhouse.org.uk

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Terms and Conditions: Subject to availability, not available retrospectively.

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