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'Hussey's Riot' - one man, a million London parties...

Something appalling happened to me recently. I was swanning around an exotic continent, when boom! My money ran out. It was time to go home.

Farewell Guatemala, I will miss your smiling people and your rule free traffic. Goodbye mountain ringed Xela, you were an ugly town but you knew how to have a good time.

‘We had had a good time didn’t we?!’ I kept shouting as a representative from my bank in England bundled me onto the plane. Suddenly I had swapped the shores of volcanic lakes, some of the most beautiful places I had ever been for the puddly curbs of London town. In mere hours technology had sucked me half way around the world, back into the West, back into the old world. Airports, nerves, that weird pata-cake of duty free as they hand you your booze then take it away then hand it back…and then…and then…

London! The vastness, the drizzle, the sheer difference. How could this compare to the freedom of traveling? It was then I decided something…as I stood in Heathrow’s tube station I thought ‘Why stop traveling?’ I always felt I had never got the best out of London. What if I approached my own home town with the same wonder and freedom that you get from somewhere new?

Go to all the places I hadn’t been, try the best of the traditional, sample the most exotic subcultures - dance not commute! I would holiday at home!

Well alright I didn’t think it quite as neatly as that. It was more ‘God I hate being home.’ and ‘Why doesn’t anyone bring their chickens on the Tube?’

Still all I needed was a reason to get out there and this blog, ladies and gents, is it.

Welcome to 'Hussey's Riot'.

In allegiance with ajhaynes.net this one man riot is going to be an existential experiment, a freeloading adventure and a shameless excuse to carouse. I want to write about London as if I had never been here before. Is it really a wonderland - the myriad people, the sticky bars, the infinite parties? I want to find out. Starting today!

So here’s the deal. I am making myself available to adventure- nightclubs, parties, soirees, launches, galleries, events. All that shallow media malarkey (where I ring up plummy PR girls and demand free tickets) but I also want to write a genuine blog about what it is really like to live in London, a true experience of it. That way you’ll get the big picture and I get to put my feet up from time to time.

Truth be told I am worried. Am I really party boy? Readers we shall see. My first night out is lined up already. Barndating! Yes half speedating, half urban barndance it kicks off next friday at Finsbury Town Hall. Click here for the 'ho' down.

Perhaps this blog be my moral downfall? A mad dynamo that parties me into my grave when all I wanted was a mortgage and a nice DVD from time to time?

Only time will tell! What I do know is I want to love London again, ‘cos readers believe me this town can be a handful. Join me next week as I go 'Barndating!'- stepping into London, six-shooter in hand.

Want to invite Patrick somewhere? Email him at patsyhus@gmail.com