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Have yourself a Scandinavian Little Christmas!

Kerstin aka Ms Marmitelover -photo by Monika Agorelius

A few weeks ago I was invited to Ms Marmitelover's home to discover the joys of Scandinavian cuisine, courtesy of Ocado. Ms Marmitelover hosts supperclubs at her gorgeous home in Kilburn- forthcoming events include her annual Boxing Day brunch and a New Year's Eve feast (you just missed her Hobbits' second breakfast special!) Kerstin is also the author of Supperclub-a must buy for foodies everywhere- you can read our interview with her about it here.


photo by Monika Agorelius

One of the best things about Kerstin's dinners is that she's so incredibly laidback and fun. It would be easy to resent her success as a supperclub host, her beautiful home decorated with stunning black and white photographs (from her past life as a photgrapher), her brilliant book; but by the time it gets to dessert and she's as drunk as most of the guests, ladling ice-cream into her mouth with a serving spoon and gossiping about people she hates on twitter, it's like being re-united with that old schoolfriend who your mum always warned was a Bad Influence.


This is just a handful of the beverages I tried- a homemade vodka, beer, glogg and gorgeous Koppaberg cider. Food included fantasic squeezy tubes of smoked herring spread or roe- apparently children in Sweden use them to write their names on their plates, as one enthusiastic food journo did, above!


Kerstin had created some fabulous gingerbread houses too- one had a roof made out of mini Daim bars- and all had meringue mushroom gardens. Watch out for Kerstin making these with Kirstie Allsopp on her Christmas show later this week- there's a very funny story about the filming of this-if ONLY I could share it with you...get Kerstin drunk and she'll probably fill you in!

If you're a fan of ginger you'll love these spicy Swedish ginger snaps from Ocado- they're really strong, thin, crispy and terribly moreish. If you want to make a really lovely alternative Christmas hamper, the Scandinavian range would be perfect as the packaging is all so gorgeous and festive. Tillman's of Sweden make the loveliest bottles of cordial-perfect for experimenting with cocktails over Christmas.



To finish off, here's Kerstin's recipe for traditional Glogg. Merry christmas!


Glogg recipe.

I have to admit this slightly changes every time I make depending on what alcohol I have in the house. I do tend to sling all my alcoholic leftovers in, with seemingly no after-effects. Hooray. But this is the basic recipe around which you can freestyle.

2 bottles of Red wine. Obviously don't go vintage, your under-five-quid supermarket plonk will be fine.

2 oranges, sliced.

5 cloves

5 juniper berries

5 allspice berries

1 stick cinnamon

5 pods green cardamom

300g sugar (brown if you've got it)

50g of sultanas or raisins.

If you want it stronger, add 1/2 a bottle of some hard liquor.

Simmer until warm, do not let it boil as this reduces the alcohol content.

Serve in mugs. You could use a cinnamon stick as a stirrer. Sometimes I keep mine going for days and just keep topping it up. It only gets better.

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