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The Gig List: Anthony Chalmers lines up the week's best London gigs

This is the new blog that tells you the sweetest London gigs for the next seven days. God don't like it, but we do. Here's the hardest working man in showbiz Anthony Chalmers and what's he talking about this week?

'Well dressed and very attractive East Enders getting fucked up and having a good time.'

Why Chalmers you're getting us hot...

Alright folks! So blog number two. I write this after a lovely night at The Local's Xmas party which I somehow forgot to mention in the last one. David Thomas Broughton was amazing, Caitlin Rose was stunning and quite enjoyed Oh Ruin too.

As for the £2.80 cider and brandy winter warmer? Magic.

But let's get back to the future! Onto the week ahead on the London gig scene!

On Tuesday try one of my shows. It's the amazing Slaraffenland at Queen of Hoxton who have just come off tour supporting Akron/Family. They'll be support from the glorious Erland and the Carnival (recently signed by Full Time Hobby) AND from the amazing Welsh band Yucatan who are a bit like Sigur Ros...but in Welsh.

Played for me in Febuary and was ace!

Apart from that is loads of strong shows that day but The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are playing The Scala. I don't really like them to be honest but they are being supported by the amazing Male Bonding who are worth the ticket price alone!

And not to mention the legendary Melvins playing at The Garage. Well we are mentioning them. So there.

Wednesday? Another one that I'm promoting.

The Miserable Rich, Homelife and Kristin Mclement! at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen.

The Miserable Rich are part of my favorite folk collective The Wilkommen Collective. WC is an unfortunate acronym but trust me, they are not toilet. Everyone in it are pure bricks of sonic gold!

If you don't fancy that across the road you can catch my favorite band in London. The stunningly amazing psychedelically rocking Bo Ningen launch their EP at The Legion. They are seriously the best live band in London if loud music is your cup of tea they just cannot be topped!


Thursday is one of those days. 10 amazing shows on and you just have to choose one.I'm Djing at An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pumps “Buy a Life” EP launch with Veronica Falls. It's at The Victoria and it's free and both bands are seriously fucking good.

Normally I would be totally 100% stoked just to be there but also on is one of my favorite bands the Krautrocking amazingness that is Drum Eyes! They are supporting Lightning Bolt who I haven't seen but WHY NOT I have no idea as per report they are one of the best live bands in the world.


If your more of a chilled folky then my lovely friend Alessi is hosting a night at The Luminaire with herself (Alessi's Ark) Jake Bellows and Treetop Flyers all playing plus loads of other nice things!


Luckily Jake is also playing at Puregroove at 1:15 so will definitely be there.

Well on Friday I'l be heading down to ATP for 10 years! This is actually my ATP debut so I'm really looking forward to it!

But if I was in London I would probably be at Comenenchi's album launch at El Paso's they don't play very often as their singer is also the drummer in The Big Pink hence loads of touring but they are an amazingly good band in their own right so check em out. Support comes from aforementioned legends Bo Ningen!

Tons of other gigs too Beak> & Thought Forms at The Garage and Electricity in Our Homes, Wild Palms & Fictions at Goldsmiths Union stand out.

Two club nights stand out on Saturday at The Stags Head (If you haven't been there is pretty much the best pub in London bar none) they have the wonderfully pretentious We know What you Did Last Night Xmas Party with S.C.U.M playing live and is sure to be full of very well dressed and very attractive East Enders getting fucked up and having a good time!

Club Motherfucker is also on at Bardens Boudoir which is always a winner.

Now it's Sunday you've been out every night since Monday. You should probably be Christian about it and make it the Sacrosanct day of rest. But if your still up for it try Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti at The Lexington for the win!

That's your Gig List. Here's some other bits and bobs. These New Puritans are returning with a new album in January and I'm really looking forward to that. They have just released a new track with video which you can see here:


And my lovely friend Anika of the ... and Alan who edits the great Wear the Trousers online magazine for Linda Drapers song “Sail Away Ladies” which is a tribute to American Country legend Odetta.


Hopefully see around soon!

If you want to get in touch with me for one reason or another you can drop me a line anthony@goddontlikeit.com or on my'seb'site ...

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