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The Gig List 9: Anthony Chalmers lines up the week's best London gigs

This is the new blog that tells you the sweetest London gigs for the next seven days. God don't like it, but we do. Fresh from his victory in Friday's Peanut Butter Soundclash as part of Team Run Riot here's our music editor...Anthony 'We can't play MANEATER' Chalmers

This is one of those weeks for gigs when they are just coming left right and centre. February is always the busiest month of the year for gigs I think. Everyone goes on and then all the amazing shows clash with each other!

Tonight (Monday 15th) I'm at The Lexington for Chimes & Bells, Stairs to Korea & Victoria and Jacob which is an amazing line-up but there is also Tune Yards at Cargo & Freelance Whales at The Borderline!! However I think the latter two are both sold out so you know where to go!

Tuesday I'm out for a meal for a friends bday but Freelance Whales at White Heat should be a real good one, the always delivering the win Illfit night at The Social although I admit I'm not really familiar with any of the bands the nights of theirs I've been to have been fantastic.

Jesus! Just looking at this date and it's just ridiculous to be honest, actually 10 stand out gigs for the night.... if live in the east end Sam Amadidon is playing at The Bacchus pub which is 3min from my house, serves lovely food and is generally a great place in addition to SA being ace! Or Chimes & Bells are playing the Brixton Windmill which will be great too.

Wednesday I'm at Beach House with Lawrence Arabia at Bush Hall but that has long since sold out so I reckon God Is An Astronaut at ICA is the winner but there's also the amazing Wreck it Up Club's 1st bday at 93 Feet East with lots of Reggae & Dancehall!

Thursday the MIGHTY Bo Ningen are playing at Rest is Noise in Brixton and I'm there FOR SURE FOR SURE, haven't seen them in a month or so and by my standards thats 100 types of wrong.

There is also a free entry Krautrock night at Bardens Boudoir called Club Motorik which has 3 really good bands, interesting music etc. Highly recommend! NOW are playing who are aces.

Friday I'm at The Wilmington Arms for Sophies Pigeons, Jamie N Commons & Panda Su which is going to be lovely. Apart the that the standout show is The Guillotines with Stavin Chains & Blue on Blue
at The Victoria which is going to be fucking great!

Saturday it's all about the Cable St Riot at Jamboree in Cable St Studio's it's a tiny venue in the semi legendary art, music and general debauched centre that Cable Street Studio's is. Electricity in Our Homes,
Hounds of Hate, Maria & the Mirrors and lots more are all playing.

Sunday I'm down at Old Blue Last for Not Squares, Too Young to Love and Cosmok Onion Field which is free and going to be an amazing mash up of expermental, dancey, electronic band music. Big win.

x Ant

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