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The Gig List 8: Anthony Chalmers lines up the week's best London gigs

This is the new blog that tells you the sweetest London gigs for the next seven days. God don't like it, but we do. This week Anthony Chalmers lays it on thick

Alright folks! It's with a shaking hand and barely open eyes that I write this after the weekends shenanigans but with MOTD 2 on and just about returning to life thought that I would look at the weeks recommendations!

Firstly on Monday I'm not a huge fan but it seems everyone else is and that's Surfer Blood who are playing at Puregroove. Is free as well! Don't see too much else on apart from that!

For Tuesday it's one those nights where seems everyone is doing a massive gig! The one which is just an incredible line-up is British Sea Power with These New Puritans, Surfer Blood again and Sparrow and the Workshop at Scala. But there is also Music go Music at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, Slow Club & First Aid Kit at The Garage. Few more too but thats plenty!

Wednesday think it's the HMV Next Big Thing thing but there is a lot of good stuff, Wave Pictures with The Miserable Rich at The Borderline looks like a winner & John and Jehn playing The Lexington will be great as well.

Thursday I'm off to Norwich with Tristram for a show up there but the gig of the night has got to be The Low Anthem at Shepards Bush Empire, Brown Bird are playing too who sound pretty good too.

Friday is the long awaited (well been a month maybe) live return of the MIGHTY Bo Ningen at Whitechapel Art Gallery. Looking forward to that massively. Ah no! Just seen it's also the day with The Soft Pack, Comenechi & O Children at The Borderline thats gotta be the winner!

Saturday I'm DJing at a place I've never heard of yet called Carnivale which is down Brick Lane way and one of my favorite new bands Hyrst are playing and they are incredible so should all come! Then doing a Valentines Day house party at mine!

Sunday I'm sure there is loads of special Valentines day shows and events but ones that looks like a gooden to me is my friends over at Hungamunga with their Valentines Day love Parade at The Bethnal Green Working Mens club! It's a mixture of live music and arts & crafts. Marmaduke Dando is playing who I have heard is rather good.

Alright so thats it for the gigs, Superbowl is on now think gonna make a late night of it watching it and catching up some stuff from the weekend.

Missed it last week but will do the band recommendation thing that I have been doing and this time it's got to be Hyrst. They have played for me a couple of times now and I am besotted. 2 or 3 piece depending they are a bit reminicent of 3rd era Portishead with a lot Liars & Telepathe thrown in there. They are a bit mysterious with nothing but a short video on their website available now but you can still get an idea. Check it out here ...

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And last but not least I wanted to mention that my favorite local art gallery IMT has a new exhibition that opened on Thursday. It's NaoKo TakaHashi - An Exploration of Perforated Space in Four Segments of Words .
You can see all the info on ...

Hope had a good weekend and make it to lots of shows this week!

x Anthony

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