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The Gig List 11-17 Jan: Anthony Chalmers lines up the best LDN gigs

New Year, new music. Anthony Chalmers is back telling you the greatest gigs for this week. God don't like it, but we do. Take it away Chalmers

Morning! So I'm choosing to ignore everything that is going on work wise to get this gig scrawling done for this week... Have so many fucking shows this week and Tristram stuff and Press stuff aannd, well you don't really want to know about that!

Had an ace weekend though, if you ever read the name Cool Jerks on a gig poster for DJ's they are seriously my favorite in London, just untouchable Soul genuis. I HATE dancing and I danced from 3 till 6 in the morning, massive winner!

Anyway soooo what do we have tonight, Monday.... I'm heading down to The Social to watch Blue on Blue who are a project from Dee from An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump and some other friends. I think it's their first gig so should be a winner! Not sure who else is playing I thought it was Dignan Porch but don't think so anymore. Think that is the winner for today don't really see too much else on.

Tomorrow you can hit more than one show as Tristram is playing Puregroove Records at 1:15 which is free entry and should be really fun. In fact I recommend going to most any afternoon shows at Puregroove if you happen to work close to there and can run off in your lunch break! In the evening still not a loooads on as early in the year, will start kicking off in a week or two I guess. I reckon Gary War at The Lexington is probably the winner. It's put on by Upset the Rhythm who promote some of the most interesting stuff in London.

On Wednesday I'm heading over to the Old Queens Head for O Inverted Worlds 2nd b'day party! They are one of my favorite promoters and their shows are always packed and have great bands.  Playing this one are Ex Lovers who I saw a few months ago at The Lexington and they were brilliant with support from Tristram (again!) and Boy Who Trapped the Sun. I'm really excited for this show :)

Unfortunately it clashes with another show that I would be at for sure which is Thomas Truax & David Cronenbergs Wife at Hungamunga at Proud! Hungamunga is amazing, has bands, DJ's and loads of arts and crafts that you can make. Is a really relaxed good time and both of those acts are amazing.

Then Thursday it's one of mine! Thee Vicars at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes! BBL is an BRILLIANT place, its an old retro bowling lanes complete with Diner and mini cinema (and Karaoke!) and in addition to that you can have bands in there!

So we have the mighty Thee Vicars coming down to play! They are pretty much the most critically acclaimed retro rock'n'roll band ever I think with great press all over the boards and about 200 tour dates this year! In addition with have some ace DJs from Lovers, Ricky Ticks & my favorite dancing men the Cool Jerks! 

Part from that Tap Tap are playing The Flowerpot would be fun!

Theeeeeeeen Friday!  No idea what I'm doing yet on Friday but loooooking around, Henry Rolling playing the Royal Festival Hall is bound to be an interesting one! Then there is the Vampire Weekend in store at Rough Trade that everyone is talking about. Couldn't care less myself but if you do want to go you have to be at the Record Shop for bout 9:00, cue up, buy a copy of their new album and then get a wristband for later!  

But if I was going to go to anything gig wise that night I reckon I go and see Billy Childish and the Buff Medways at The Boston Arms. ALWAYS a winner :) Hmmmm also saw Fiction are playing at White Light they are great. Ah who knows!

Soooo on Saturday I think the great Manor House warehouse, studio Unit Rad is doing a warehouse party with bands etc. It's not a rave up sort of affair but a bit more folky but still massive good times. Drop me an email if interested in coming to that I'll see what I can do. Dunno whose playing yet but Greg from Lofty Heights runs the place so they are definitely playing!

Hmmm Kong are playing a Sexbeat party at The Rest is Noise that will be great.... And it's also The Stagnant Society at The Buffalo Bar, a retro soul, psych and garage night run by some lovely girls.

Wooooooo hold on a minute - I totally forgot on Saturday Hatchem Social and Wet Dog are playing The Korsan Bar in Dalston, this is going to be REALLY good show.

On Sunday probably be a sacrosanct day of fuck all like yesterday which could have actually been one the lazieset days for me in history. The gig of the night I reckon has to be the first one of Platforms:Live two part recommendations for 2010 gigs with Lulu and the Lampshades headlining. They are ace :)

Cool well guess that's mostly it and I should get back on with some proper work! Actually on another note I've taken on press for a couple of bands with my gorgeous compatriots in press stuff Alice French and they are:



They both have stuff coming out soon and are completely ace so recommend checking them out!

Have a great week!
x Anthony

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