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Letter from Moscow: Conceiving a National Leader

In an ideal world elections and sex are matters of choice. Not so in Russia, where the recent presidential election resembled a coronation with a subsequent plebiscite rather than a democratic poll. As expected, Putin's anointed heir, Dmitry Medvedev, won a landslide victory – a story I am sure you've heard plenty of times in recent weeks.

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Hussey's Riot: 'Florence the Beauty'

Two beautiful things happened this Saturday night at the 'Beyond the Valley of the Dolls' party at the Whitechapel. The second involved a redhead, the first involved a lift. Yes, for the moment, let us discuss lifts.

Previously in my journalistic careen I have only had cause to mention lifts once. I was going to write a music piece for some mag and pitched the idea with this tag line

‘Jamie Cullum and lifts are living proof of re-incarnation because without doubt, at some point in history, he was one.’

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Style and Dis-Grace

Let’s begin this dirty little excuse of a love affair with a brief intro to get the niceties out of the way. Then we can kick back with a glass of Sancerre and get down to business. Me: 20 something stylist, writer, co-owner of a fashion website and fully paid up member of the fashion fascists of Great Britain. You: new devoted reader. I don’t even mind if it’s out of utter disdain.

Moving on….


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Giorgia on My Mind: 'China Now'

Engaging with the Chinese Cultural Power: Is the ‘Now’ motif rather than the ‘Then’ to matter? Giorgia Orlandi looks at the ‘China Now’ season taking place London wide, the largest festival on Chinese culture in the UK.

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Scottee at the Brit Awards

Photo by Fred Butler. 'Scottee backstage at the Brits'

No Time for hangovers! Scottee performs at the Brit Awards

In the words of wize Liza "you gotta ring them bells" - the quote has no relevance to my fun packed week but my itunes party shuffle has decided its what i should listen to while i tell you all about my exploits.

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Trixie Malicious on The Sonics

The Sonics & Le Beat Bespoke Festival
Report by Trixie Malicious ...

“Some people like water
Some people like wine
But I like the taste…
…Of straight Strychnine”

I adore the Sonics. As a professional go-go dancer, there are certain songs I keep folded up in the ventricles of my heart so that when I need them they are immediately on-hand to keep my energy up and keep me plugged in. The Witch is definitely one of those songs; it is an undeniable energy inducing, re-juicing song with a fervent pulse.

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