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ARTIST BLOG - The Process: Emblazen yourself with self illuminating slogans by Zoe Catherine Kendall


I've been painting word canvases recently, I dub them slogans of the self. It's a way of taking ownership of one's conscious and subconscious thought processes. Anyone can do it, and I highly recommend it as a very liberating activity. To identify and articulate your fundamental positions is to both step in and step outside of them. 



Words have often been seen as secondary modes of expression to that of images, an image says a thousand words and all that, but I see that words have the power to tag mental imagery and bring it into the outside world in a very immediate and hard hitting way. People are often afraid of words, afraid of saying the wrong thing, of being misunderstood or of limiting their meaning, but as with everything, the reception lies with the receiver.



I don't think we need to worry about the boldness of our expression being misunderstood, it goes with the territory, the true achievement is in understanding our own expressions. If someone outside of ourselves is not willing to take the time to consider the infinite possibilities of what we choose to declare to the world, the limit belongs to them.



Brandishing slogans that perhaps we alone feel to be truly authentic, at least in the time frame in which they come to be, is both empowering and liberating. These little/big personal statements give our actions context, and help us to gesture toward a more redeeming future. When it comes to issues of self expression, you alone are your sensor, you alone are your audience.



That's not to say there isn't a collective gain to be had, quite the contrary! In fact it is through this process of voicing our individual perspectives and experiences of the world that we begin to tear down the barriers of skin, fear and ignorance that stand between us and all other existents.



I invite you to take part in a revolution of expression, as it is only through honest methods that a greater union and understanding between human and human will occur. Isn't it sad to think that someone important to you may never have understood your position, or even worse, that you never attempted to share it with them? Why are we hiding behind ourselves? What have we got to be afraid of, really? I ask you...


Read more of my discoveries and see more of my artwork by visiting www.self-series.blogspot.com

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