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ARTIST BLOG - The Process: Dialogue in my mind with a version of 'you' by Zoe Catherine Kendall

Everybody has their own tailored comprehension of the word 'you' - be it all other people, or the notion of a significant other, present or not. We carry this idea of 'you' around with us, we put it into play in our everyday lives, in our relationships and in those intense dialogues we have with ourselves.

me: Nothing is free

you: You make me wet

me: I love myself

you: there is an energy about you that attracts

me: my mind dictates calm

me: but I am demanding patience from myself

you: urgency navigates

me: embracing inspiring new ways of behaving

you: you are there

me: I am learning

you: winking at me

me: to let things happen as they will

you: I don’t need you

me: I am following a path of my own making

you: you only want me absently

me: toward a new state of calm.

Of course, both voices are my own, and sometimes it is difficult to tell them apart... as the structured frame of meaning blurs it begins to become apparent that you is me also.

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