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ARTIST BLOG - The Process: Ceremony of the mundane by Zoe Catherine Kendall

What can we do to reach a higher state of being? How can we learn to relax with more dedication? Getting in touch with the spaces between everything and every action, paying homage to the nuances of day to day life, revelation gained through repetitive tasks, meditation, nothingness and lack of meaning.

Sounds pretty exciting huh? I know, it’s my latest party trick.

I’ve heard it said somewhere that there’s therapy to be had in mundanity, and i’ve often thought that a lack of meaning is somehow the greatest aim. It’s not a dirth of anything meaningful as such, but rather a space where lines intersect or tail off, an equation which somehow cancels itself out, a subtle balance and a serene harmony with life. Think tea ceremony, the rituals of meal time or bath time, and the moments between action and rest, the tiny pauses between each breath. Perhaps these are the true places of authentic living, the acts that define us both regularly and religiously. I think the aspiration here is to just be, and to remain fulfilled and at peace in that simplest of states. Our ‘highly intelligent’, greatly evolved brains seem to let us down sometimes with expectations of something greater, more perceptible and even more tangibly enthralling then we have yet experienced, but why?

Over the last year or so i have begun to put in practise this idea of a meaning which is less definable but infinitely more rewarding. Do we need to keep asking questions or does there come a point when we can let our exhaustive and far-journeying minds rest and relinquish in a simple state of being.

So, as a good friend once said to me, let’s just be. But it is important to remember that there is something that exists even in the most empty of spaces, a mind, yours, mine.

Listen to this recording to experience an inside out place which mundanity has helped me to understand.

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