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Adam Kay wishes us A Very Sweary Christmas

Doctor, writer, musician, comedian and singer of smutty songs Adam Kay created a youtube sensation with his angry 'London Underground' song- and now he's back with more sweary sentiments about the festive season. Run-Riot invited him into our surgery to talk medicine, music and what his mum thinks of all the swearing...

RR: You went to medical school and have a few songs about illnesses and stuff- which, in your educated opinion, is the best medical TV show? ER? House? Scrubs?

AK: The problem with shows like ER, House and Scrubs is they never really show the proper gritty realism of modern medicine. My top five TV doctors are Dr Niles Crane, Dr Karl Kennedy, Dr Nick Riviera, Dr Dana Scully and Dr Bunsen Honeydew.

RR: Is laughter always the best medicine? Or is medicine sometimes the best medicine?

AK: The eternal danger of turning to proverbs in life-threatening situations (see also: Fight fire with fire).


RR: Which is more rewarding, saving people's lives or making them laugh?

AK: Do you mean financially rewarding, emotionally rewarding to me, or rewarding to others? I guess it doesn’t matter – the answer to all three is medicine. I think the main reason for the change was I wasn’t particularly good at being a doctor. I’m not saying I’m an amazing comedian either – but at least no-one dies this way.

RR:Your angry London Underground song became a cult hit with Londoners- what are your other biggest London gripes? And what do you love about the city?

AK:It’s weird – the tube is the only thing about London that actually makes me cross; the other things (constant risk of murder, unbearable traffic, endemic rudeness) I’m happy to think of as London’s little quirks and foibles. I’ve lived in London my whole life – growing up in Dulwich, studying in South Kensington, and living in Chiswick ever since – and I couldn’t dream of living in any other city. The bars, the theatre, the food, the rentboys – it’s got the lot.


RR: Playing the piano well is mega sexy. And being a doctor is also sexy. So do you get a lot of attention from over-enthusiastic fans?

AK: It became immediately apparent on starting comedy that audience members are prepared to ignore what comedians look like and are happy to sleep with them regardless. I capitalised on this fact for a few years, but now I’m happily living with my boyfriend (who I met at one of my gigs, naturally).

RR: It says on your website that: 'Amateur Transplants have developed a fan base the size of which most comedians would happily sell their kidneys for.' What would YOU sell your kidney for? 

AK: Right now (hungover on a Tuesday morning and typing blurrily into a screen on a friend’s sofa) I’d sell a kidney for a Full English Breakfast.

RR: It also says on your website that you write for TV - what can you tell us about this?

AK: When I started in comedy (as gigs only take up my evenings) my daytimes quickly descended into a depressing routine of masturbation and Bargain Hunt – so I started writing. I’ve been very lucky that a bunch of stuff has been picked up for TV – I think the real trick is writing what you know about. (In my case, that’s medicine, masturbation and Bargain Hunt.)

RR: How does your mum feel about all the swearing?

AK: She still thinks I’m a doctor :-(

RR: What are you hoping for this Christmas?

If I may answer through song?


Adam's Christmas album and 2013 calendar are available on his website www.amateurshop.co.uk Catch him live on 15th December, tickets here.