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Svetlana Ochkovskaya: 'out/side/in' at The Smallest Gallery in Soho

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Time 09:00
Date 24/09/21
Price Free

Artist Svetlana Ochkovskaya takes over The Smallest Gallery in Soho to present her new installation 'out/side/in' as part of her series ‘Searching for a Place to Belong’.

Read guest curator Olga Tarasova's Run-Riot interview, here.

Svetlana Ochkovskaya's 'out/side/in'runs at The Smallest Gallery in Soho all day, all night, from 12 July - until 24 September 2021.

Inhabited by a creature from Ochkovskaya’s series ‘Searching for a Place to Belong’, the gallery space will precipitate into topographical corpus of its new resident.

Arising from the sea of pebbles, the cryptic creature exscribes towards encountering the passers-by but shies away blending with its natural environment.

Treating the body as a unique organon of signs, constantly exchanging its exteriority and interiority; out|side|in reflects on this intertwining as an extension towards Corpus – a glorious materiality of what is coming, where existences take place and significations are abolished.

The show is guest curated by Olga Tarasova.

About The Smallest Gallery in Soho:
The Smallest Gallery in Soho (est. 2016) is a historic shop-front which faces onto Dean Street, in the heart of Soho. The aim of this intimate gallery is to display artwork that captures people’s attention on their journey through Soho and encourage them to stop, think and be inspired. It hopes to transcend the rapid changes of building developments and the dispersion of the creative cohort — that was once so vibrant within the area — by exhibiting free and engaging art works to view from the street. The Gallery is run by Philip Levine and Andreia Costa with the support from The Garage Soho.
About the Artist:
Svetlana currently lives and works in Portsmouth, UK. Since graduating from the BA Fine Art course at Southampton Solent University in 2017, she has also completed Masters in Fine Art at Goldsmiths University of London, graduating in 2020. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. Recent solo exhibitions include We Are Not Ourselves at the Stone Space and Jeannie Avent Gallery in London and Portal Fantasy at the K6 Gallery in Southampton. Svetlana won second place in the Sunny Art Prize in 2020. She has been shortlisted for the Zealous Stories Photography 2021; the Batsford Prize Award 2021, 2019, 2017; the Zealous Stories Performance 2020; the Visual Art Open Prize 2018; the Harvest Short Film Competition 2019; the Nasty Women International Art Prize 2018. She has received the Goldsmiths International Response Scholarship Award 2017. Svetlana has completed a residency and exhibited at Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth and shortlisted for the Platform Graduate Award in 2017. She has also completed residencies at Solent University and Sticks Gallery in Fareham. Recent publications include Ludvig Rage, Inside Artist and Trebuchet. ochkovskayart.wixsite.com/Svetlana

About the Guest Curator:

Olga Tarasova
With the background in Urban Design and Architecture, for the past 3 years Olga has been pursuing her passion for Art through research and curation. Completed a MRes in Art Theory & Philosophy in 2020, she is now undertaking a PhD in Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths, researching Phenomenology of Perception in relation to spatial experiences. Since 2018, she has been part of Chalton Gallery (now the UK Mexican Arts Society) curating Public Art programs and emerging artists’ shows.

About the Managers/Curators:
Philip Levine
Philip has been working in the creative and cultural industries for the last decade as a producer. This has ranged from exhibitions, events, publishing, talks and creating his own unique artwork under the title ‘Headism’. He has gained a MA in Culture, Policy and Management at City, University of London. Being from London, his passion is knowing ‘who and what’ is up and coming in cultural trends and being involved within them.

Andreia Costa
Andreia is an Associate Architect at Jamie Fobert Architects. She studied in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Porto and practiced for 3 years in her native Portugal. Before moving to the UK Andreia decided to explore her contemporary art interest by working in Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art as an architecture and art lecturer. In 2010 she joined Jamie Fobert Architects, where she has been involved in several projects including Selfridges and Tate exhibitions.

The Smallest Gallery in Soho has displays rotating every two or three months.
‘out|side|in’ will be on from between July - September  2021

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