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Rosie Emerson presents Sirens at Hang-Up Gallery

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Time 12:00
Date 02/05/14
Price Free

The hugely talented Rosie Emerson uses print, photography, collage and film to portray goddesses as ethereal yet beautiful creatures.

Rosie’s inspiration for the new collection derived from the historic technique of cyanotype printing, developed in the early 19th Century and used by engineers to reproduce notes and diagrams known as blue prints.

Influenced by botanist Anna Atkins who brought this technique into photography, Rosie has adapted the cyanotype technique and given it a modern spin. The artist combines collage elements and found botanical objects with life size negatives to manipulate the female form and revise our perceptions of the contemporary model. Shooting her desired subjects inside her studio for the very first time, Rosie playfully uses ornate props, costumes and dramatic lighting to remodel her subjects into goddess-like, alluring creatures.

In the downstairs bunker, Hang-Up will be hosting an exclusive screening of White Knight, Rosie’s enticing new film shot on a Super 8 camera, whereby the relationship between the audience and model is subtly flipped, and the viewer becomes the subject.

2nd May-8th June

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