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Rejected at A-Side B-Side

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Time 13:00
Date 04/05/12
Price Free

Artists frequently get rejections from shows and competitions; rejection is part of what being an artist is all about.

Often an exhibition will have a curatorial concept and the work just simply doesn’t fit the theme, in competitions the judges are subjective and essentially select what they like. Current trends in the art world might make the work more or less desirable not forgetting the provenance of the artist themselves...

‘Rejected’ seeks to celebrate rejection, through a united force of artists getting together to valiantly display their previously rebuffed work.

The exhibition aims to dispose the issue of whether each individual piece is indeed lesser than that of its contemporaries. Following an open call, every single proposal to the Rejected exhibition was accepted. Alongside their rejected artwork, each artist will openly display a list of previous rejections from galleries, competitions and art schools.


Exhibiting artists: Alexander Heaton | Amber Sinclair-Ray | Ana Schefer | Banu Colak | Barrie J Davies Carlos Burgos | Caroline Money | Caroline Tobin | Catherine Magnani | Claire Atkinson Cos Ahmet | Darren Beatty | Darren Macpherson | Dave Anderson | Enver Gursev Francesca Alaimo | Georgie Grace | Gulzor Sultanova | Hitomi Kammai | Holly Revell Ingrid Berthon-Moine | John Bingham | Kelda Hole | Laura Harvey | Linda Schliebitz Lucas Lobo | Marcus Downe | Marianne Shorten | Melanie Ahmed | Melanie Ward Nadeem Chughtai | Nickova Behling | Oliver Lassalle | Paul Matosic | Peter Cabocky Rabia Aqeel | Simon Kennedy | Tinsel Edwards | Twinkle Troughton 

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