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Home Futures at The Design Museum

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Time 10:00
Date 07/11/18
Price £16

Explore today’s home through the prism of yesterday’s imagination.

Dates and Times: Wed 07 Nov 2018 - Sun 24 Mar 2019, 10:00 - 17:15.

The ‘home of the future’ has long intrigued designers and popular culture alike. Immerse yourself in a series of dreamlike passages and rooms exploring yesterday’s visions of the future, as avant-garde speculations are displayed alongside contemporary objects and new commissions.

Discover more than 200 objects and experiences to trace the key social and technological aspirations that have driven change in the home. Historical notions of the mechanised home and the compact home are displayed alongside contemporary phenomena such as connected devices and the sharing economy.

Rare works on display will include original furniture from the Smithsons’ House of the Future (1956), footage from the General Motors Kitchen of Tomorrow (1956), and an original model of Total Furnishing Unit by Joe Colombo (1972).