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COS x Serpentine Galleries Park Nights 2019: Leilah Weinraub at the Serpentine Pavilion

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Time 20:00
Date 13/09/19
Price £8.85

It's the Serpentine’s annual series of experimental, interdisciplinary commissions, & for this evening they invite artist, director & co-founder of cult clothing brand Hood By Air, Leilah Weinraub.

Leilah Weinraub is an artist and director living in New York. As CEO and co-founder of Hood By Air, the subversive New York-based fashion collective known for its cult following, Weinraub helped to radicalise fashion by championing what she calls “modern people” - the rising class of youth who subvert traditional markers of race, class and gender, and revel in freedom, lawlessness and spectacle. As a filmmaker, Weinraub has helped document such unacknowledged tastemakers, particularly those belonging to queer, autonomous communities of colour whose creative output is often plundered by mass culture but whose stories are rarely told on their own terms.