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Arrow of Desire: Drawing Sebastian with Art Model Collective at The Horse Hospital

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Time 19:00
Date 09/07/19
Price £22

Bringing the exciting, sensuous and beautiful story of Saint Sebastian to life, Art Model Collective will welcome you to take part in their very exclusive life drawing session.

The Saint Sebastian of the day will be dancer, actor and professional model Giuseppe Claudio Insalaco (@giuseppeclaudio), who's created a staggeringly gorgeous St Sebastian incarnate for Art Model Collective once before.

Claudio will be holding a series of expressive nude poses inspired by classical sculptures of this saint - a beautiful youth tied to the post and writhing as he is shot with arrows. The space of Horse Hospital, with its columns and dramatic lighting, will lend itself perfectly to bring the spirit of Sebastian to life with this excellent model.

Tutoring available upon request.

Free paper and art materials available, plus 20% discount vouchers for GreatArt store.